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(M.S. Caramel Ripple X Pine Bluff's Silver Mist)

ILR # 285586   DOB: 6/22/2012

Wayrah 2018.jpg
Llama Show Day 2 (177).JPG
Baby Wayrah.jpg

Wayrah was the first llama that came to our farm. He was a rescue from a farm in northern Michigan that had lost the rest of their herd. Wayrah quickly opened our eyes to llamas and their needs, and we rescued a couple more that year. He was 11 months when we first got him. Wayrah is a smaller male, but very correct and very proud. Each one of his crias have a stylish paint pattern with very bold and curious personalities. Currently, we are focused on breeding our other males. 

His crias to date are shown below. He has sired 2 females and 2 male crias. 

Wayrah's Crias

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