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LUA Pride at Hand

(MGF Argentine The Masters Hand x 6P Lexy)

ILR# 287134 DOB: 5/24/2014

Pride is a spectacular gelding! Full of curiosity and spunk, he was a 4H favorite! Each year we did 4h we had kids fighting for who got to show him. He has done well in performance, but funny enough, he hates having a pack on. He will drop down in the ring and roll several times when he has a pack on. Pride has grown into an incredible and impressive boy. He is our best guard, always on the lookout. He has a torn ear to prove it! We are blessed and thankful to have this fluffy boy!

Recently, Kenny has decided to try showing Pride to see how it goes. They did very well in the intermediate performance division, earning Grand Champions. 

Pride and Kenny Mid Mich 2022.jpg
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