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Pet Left 2022 uncropped.jpg

NFA's Petoloso De Rosario

(JJ-HH's The Crown Prince x NFA's Rosario)

ILR# 293400 DOB: 4/11/2016

Pet is a character! She is a beautiful array of browns, with great bone and thick suri fiber. She likes things to go her way and is never afraid to show that. She is Rosario's daughter, and just a tad sweeter. Pet was purchased in the fall of 2021, and we waited until the following spring to get her cleaned up and breed her.  

Update: Pet delivered a gorgeous girl early May. She is a great momma, and we are excited for this crias future. 

Petalosa is confirmed bred to LUA Bravado's Proclaim for Spring 2024. 

Pet's Cria

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