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WOL Inspirato's Bowtie

(GNLC Inspirato x Aloha Heartstrings)

ILR # 291791  DOB: 8/30/2018

Bowtie 3-24.jpg
Bowtie Mid Mich 2022.jpg
Baby Wayrah.jpg

In the Fall of 2021, after losing a male to a stroke, we started to slowly look for a male that we could outcross our females with. Many of our current lines include WLK Heat Wave and older Peruvian Lines. Our original intent was to purchase a young male; however, we became very interested in Bowtie when we learned he was available. We are so grateful for Michael West & Jerry Ayers for giving us this opportunity. 

Bowtie is a Best of Show male with an impressive presence and beautiful fiber.  We picked him up at March Llama Madness (2022) and are very excited for our future with him. 

We took Bowtie to his first official show with us in May 2022, and he was Reserve Grand Champion under one judge and Grand Champion under another. In May 2023 we had our first three Bowtie crias, 2 beautiful girls and one really nice male. We are excited to continue using him. 

To date, Bowtie has sired 7 female crias and 4 males. 

Bowtie's Crias

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