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Blue Heaven Itty Bitty

(Blue Heaven Grey-Son x Brydlewoods Peruvian Bella Rose)

ARI# 31310130 DOB: 9/14/2015

Bitty truly fits the saying, "little but mighty!" Bitty tops off at about 115lbs, but is one of the higher up animals in our herd. She spits off and takes on llamas that are 3x her size with no problem. She is a pretty bay-black with a spitfire personality. Bitty is convinced she is a guard alpaca, with a strong tendency to chase after the dogs and run them out of her pasture. She has lived with llamas since she was young, so she acts and responds more like a llama rather than an alpaca. 

Bitty had her first cria in fall of 2021! A tiny black girl sired by Stash. She is a very protective and good mom. 


Bitty's Cria

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